The villas

The “Island View Villas” complex consists of seven unique luxurious houses of three types, with their own secluded, private beach. Each residence has three levels, across which the design concept is developed.

The middle level, which is also the entrance level, houses all internal and external social uses. Support areas such as the kitchen, serve both indoor and  outdoor spaces with equal ease.

This social level, located between two more private levels, creates a direct connection between the two types of areas.

Another characteristic asset is the inclusion of an internal garden that serves the ground level and brings more external space and natural light into the residence.

Sustainability was also a key component of the proposal and took shape through the combination of modern technologies with the design rules of the traditional vernacular architecture.

Passive characteristics such as the orientation of the units, cross-ventilation, use of heavy, thermally retentive materials and shading are combined with solar panels, water collection tanks and, finally, a “smart home” system to control the internal environment.

After-sales support is considered as important as the construction. Therefore we offer services such as: maintenance, security, driver, personal assistance and
of course cook and housekeeper.